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Past exhibitions

Alessandro Mendini, Mostro, 2014, cartone vegetale, pastelli a cera, pennarelli, matite colorate, cm. 35 x 25

Alessandro Mendini
27.NOV 2014 16.JAN 2015
The thirteen large pieces of gold jewelry presented at Galleria Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co, with the STILEMI ENIGMATICI (ENIGMATIC STYLEMES), express the synthesis of the most typical signs found in the visual alphabet of Alessandro Mendini. A sort of emblematic treasure trove that condenses his thirteen most significant images. Conceptual objects that elude definition.


Harry Adams - Road Under Cloud, 2014, olio, cera d'api, encausto, tela su tavola, cm.183 x 244

Harry Adams
20.MAY 18.JUL 2014
Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is proud to present the first solo show in Italy by Harry Adams, opening on Tuesday 20 May at 18.30, at Via Pontaccio 19, Milan.
Harry Adams is the name of the duo formed in 2008 by Steve Lowe and Adam Wood.


Christopher Broadbent, Flowers I, 2012, fotografia, cm 55 x 38

Christopher Broadbent
21.NOV 16.JAN 2014
The question of photography, since the early history of the medium, raises a complex set of misunderstandings. Is photography a representation of reality, or just a fraction of it that has nothing to do with reality itself? The shot apparently represents a portion of reality, one that is so precise as to replace painting, or to force painting to take alternative paths, heading towards non-reality.


Greg Bogin, Companion Series

Greg Bogin 
08.OCT 08.NOV 2013
Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is please to announce the second solo show by the American artist Greg Bogin, opening on Tuesday 8 October 2013 at Via Pontaccio 19 in Milan.

For this exhibition Greg Bogin (born in 1965 in New York, where he lives and works) presents for the first time nine recent anthropomorphic sculptures in fluorescent hues.


Art Hate 
04.OCT 30.NOV 2012
Galleria Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is proud to announce the first Italian exhibition of the project Art Hate, opening on Thursday 4 October, at Via Pontaccio 19, Milan.
Art Hate is an organization of opposition founded by Dr. Albirt Umber and Mr. Harold Rosenbloom (pseudonyms for Billy Childish, Steve Lowe and Adam Wood) specializing in a unique struggle of inventions of lofty humor, savage ideas, confused debates.


Bénédicte Peyrat, Ceramic, 2011,  cm. 30 x 10

Bénédicte Peyrat 
17.MAY 13.JUL 2012
Galleria Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is proud to announce the second solo show of the artist Bénédicte Peyrat, which opens on 17 May at Via Pontaccio 19 in Milan.
Bénédicte Peyrat, the French artist (born in Paris in 1967, lives and works in Karlsruhe), presents an evocative installation that creates a dialogue between fifteen recent paintings of various sizes and a new, intriguing series of six ceramic pieces.

Caprice, Postcard (Hew dalrymple, Lord Drummore), 2007

15.SEP 4.NOV 2011
Galleria Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is pleased to announce the exhibition CAPRICE, curated by Marco Tagliafierro and Davide Tomaiuolo, with works by: Lorenza Boisi, Ruth Claxton, André Ethier, Alessandro Gioiello, Bénédicte Peyrat, Andrea Salvatori, Felice Serreli, Rachel Thorlby.

tristano di robilant

Tristano di Robilant 
22.MAR 6.MAY 2011
Di Robilant (London 1964, lives and works in Rome) presents his latest production of works in blown glass. Seven sculptures made in Murano in collaboration with the master glassmaker Andrea Zillo, to retrace the great Venetian tradition of craftsmanship with this material, through a contemporary language still charged with the refined elegance of days gone by.

Bart Domburg, senza titolo 1,2010,olio su lino,cm.160 x 200

Bart Domburg
.DEC.2010  25.FEB.2011
The research of Bart Domburg (Zwolle, Holland, 1957, lives and works in Amsterdam) is a voyage through landscape, which the artist conveys through painting based on hyper-realism, mingling memories of his own experiences and history of the collective imaginary.

Alessandro Mendini
.SEP.2010  12.NOV.2010
Alessandro Mendini (Milan 1931), architect, designer, artist and theorist, since the mid-1970s has developed research that involves reinterpretation of the traditional hierarchies of art, trespassing into different historical-artistic spheres.

Daniele Innamorato, Untitled, 2009, tecnica mista su tela, 168 x 196

Daniele Innamorato
.MAR.2010  30.APR.2010
The free expression that characterizes the pictorial language of Daniele Innamorato (born in 1969 in Milan, where he lives and works) remains the absolute protagonist of his works in this second solo show at the gallery.

Sheba Chhachhi, The Water Diviner

Sheba Chhachhi
19.NOV.2009  26.FEB.2010
The gallery Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. is pleased to announce the first solo show in Europe and Italy of the Indian artist Sheba Chhachhi (1958, Harar, Ethiopia, lives and works in New Delhi),

Huma Bhabha, Glorious Phantom, 2008, creta, filo ferro, polistirolo, legno, ghisa,pittura acrilica, cm 66x43x25

Huma Bhabha, Joe Bradley, Jason Fox, Baker Overstreet, Aurel Schmidt
18.SEP  30.OCT. 2009
Huma Bhabha (1962, Karachi, Pakistan, lives and works in Poughkeepsie, NY)
Joe Bradley (1975, Maine, lives and works in New York)
Jason Fox (1964, Yonkers, NY, lives and works in Poughkeepsie, NY)
Baker Overstreet (1981, Augusta, Georgia, lives and works in New York)
Aurel Schmidt (1982, Kamloops, BC, Canada, lives and works in New York)


Bénédicte Peyrat, testa, 2008, acrilico su tela, cm 40 x 50

Bénédicte Peyrat
10.MAR  18.APR. 2009
Born in Paris in 1967, Bénédicte Peyrat has created a series of oils on canvas of intense impact.
The paintings seem to belong to a different epoch; enigmatic women that stand imposingly against a background of dense, color-laden skies that blend with the earth’s horizon. The convulsive, energetic brushstrokes generate a plastic quality of the figures that in their nudity reveal explicit force, but also stunned immobility, in a rarified, enveloping atmosphere.

ANDY WARHOL - Martha Graham, 1986, graphite on HMP paper, cm 60,3 x 80,3

Andy Warhol
30.OCT  19.DEC. 2008
The show is composed of a group of 13 large drawings made by Warhol from 1981 to 1986. This is almost the complete set of the works on paper made by Warhol – some with graphite, others with acrylics - inspired by the very famous American choreographer/dancer Martha Graham.

RYAN McGINNESS -  Untitled 1 (Black Hole, Black on Black, 2008, acrylic on wood panel, dia. 122 cm

Ryan McGinness
.SEP  19.OCT. 2008
A leading figure on the emerging American and international art scene of the last decade, Ryan McGinness (1972, Virginia Beach, VA, lives and works in New York) presents his latest series of paintings, in a solo show entitled A Shadow Feeling of Loss.

India Time

India Time
.MAY  08.JUL. 2008
Contemporary art in India is inventive, sharp edged and at the same time lyrical. It has emerged from religious, courtly and artisanal practises embedded in everyday life of the people.

Greg Bogin, Distopia, 2007, vernice poliuretanica su tela,138,4x111,8 cm

Greg Bogin
.MAR  11.APR. 2008
Apparently simple and schematic, the works of Greg Bogin (born in 1965 in New York, where he lives and works) conceal a profound, perceptive analysis of the history of contemporary art.

Enzo Cucchi, Fossa-ubriaca, 2007, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

Enzo Cucchi
15.JAN 2008
Solo l'artista italiano è malinconico

Daniele Innamorato, 1, 2007, tecnica mista, dipinto cm 230x195, sedia cm 88x88x32.jpg

Daniele Innamorato
08.NOV 2007   06.DEC. 2007
In his very first solo show Daniele Innamorato (born in 1969 in Milan, where he lives and works) does not just present his works; he has also completely transformed the gallery, making it abandon its traditional role as a “mere container” to become a place in which viewers can have a physical relationship with the works on display.

Glimpses into a Scholar's Life 2_acrylic on canvas_162x 130 cm_2003

Zheng Zaidong
12.SEP 2007   26.OCT. 2007
Zheng Zaidong feeds himself on Chinese classical literature. The titles of his paintings are phrases of poems from the Ming, Wei and Jin dynasties, phrases he occasionally transfers onto canvas.
He moved to Shanghai from Taiwan, where he was born in 1953.

Miriam Cahn, Noi bambini, 2005,olio su tela, cm 127x76

Miriam Cahn
09.MAY 2006   07.JUL. 2007
Miriam Cahn was born on 21 July 1949 in Basel, where she lives and works. She began her career at the end of the 1960s, with a series of black and white drawings, a medium in which she continues to work today. Her drawings have never been conceived as a preparatory phase for other works, but as autonomous works of art.

Heidi McFall
14.NOV 2006   14.FEB. 2007
Is there still a possibility, in the era of high-resolution images and digital manipulation, for a painter to concentrate on portraiture? Heidi McFall (1974, Dewitt, Idaho, USA, lives and works in San Antonio) thinks so, though it might not seem obvious at first glance.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness
22.SEP   03.NOV. 2006
Two-dimensional forms, images like stylized icons, flat colors and abundant use of scribbles and flourishes: by mixing these elements, Ryan McGinness (1972, Virginia Beach, VA, lives and works in New York) obtains effects that attract the gaze like powerful magnets.

Flavio Favelli, Tribuna, 2004

Group Show
21.JUN   28.JUL. 2006
A dialogue with sculpture seen through seven young artists: one Italian, Flavio Favelli, four Germans, Bjorn Dahlem, Jonathan Meese and Gregor Schneider, one Korean, Michael Joo, and one American, Brian Tolle.
Humble or natural materials, often recycled, are a constant factor shared by these artists, though their various poetics contain points of both encounter and dissonance.

Saint Clair Cemin

Saint Clair Cemin

07.MAR   07.JUN. 2006
Saint Clair Cemin (1951, Cruz Alta, Brazil, lives and works in Paris and New York) is internationally renowned for his sculptural work, his exclusive focus since 1985. The early years of his career were marked by the interest of important institutions like the Stadtische Kunsthalle of Dusseldorf, the Whitney Biennial in New York and the Stadelelijk Museum of Amsterdam.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

29.SEPT   5.DEC. 2005
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (1952 Miami Beach, Florida – lives and works in New York) is well-known for his portraits of personalities from the worlds of art, fashion, entertainment, sports and politics.

Francesco Clemente - works

Francesco Clemente
18.GEN   30.MARCH. 2005
The show features many works made from 1977 to 1990 using a range of different techniques: for the most part pastels on paper from the first half of the 1980s, but also works in oil, gouache, charcoal.

Enzo Cucchi, Prima Neve

Enzo Cucchi
16.NOV   18.dec. 2004
The exhibition, specially designed by the artist for the Milan gallery, will include 20 watercolors (10 for the cycle Lavori di bisogni della pelle (Works of needs of the skin) and 10 for the cycle Lavori di chi pensa alle cavalle (Works of those who think about mares), and a large sculpture in white plaster, 350 cm in height, entitled Il comandante della luce in perlustrazione (The commandant of light on patrol) bearing two painted metal shields.

Ann Craven

Ann Craven
22.SEP   30.OCT. 2004
Ann Craven’s paintings are a sweet colour-coated narcotic trip - Craven seduces with pinks, yellows and scarlets that lure you into a fantastical Disney-like world where any trace of the original and harsh world of nature is abysmally lost. She portrays a nature that is naïve, a nature that has been manipulated, manipulated through commercial imagery in postcards, calendars and the film industry.

Kevin Zucker

Kevin Zucker
04.MAY   30.JUN. 2004
Born in New York in 1976, where he lives and works, Kevin Zucker studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (Rhode Island) and at Columbia University School of Arts in New York.
Zucker combines painting with computer drafting to obtain paintings that represent architectural interiors or details of them, resembling a kind of abstract mapping of space.

Dan walsh

Miquel Barcelo
09.MAR   30.APR. 2004
The first bronze sculptures by Barceló that I am aware of were done in 1991, and are mostly of modest scale formed from impressions he got on his first trip to Mali in 1988. A second group of bronzes was done in 1993 and cast near Paris at Clementi. (...)

Dan walsh

Dan Walsh
13.JAN   28.FEB. 2004
The exhibition features five large colored acrylics, almost monochromes in which the recurring use of a sort of alphabet composed of simple geometric figures like squares, rectangles and lines creates abstract, minimal compositions that establish a dialogue with one another.

Torben Giehler

Torben Giehler 
07.OCT   30.NOV. 2003
Torben Giehler belongs to a new generation of artists who explore, in different ways, the various intersections of physical nature, technology and psychology in the new millennium. He designs abstract landscapes using digital media and traditional methods.

Painting on the roof

Painting on the Roof 
24.JUN 25.JUL. 2003
The Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. gallery presents, on Tues 24 June, the group show “Painting on the roof”. The exhibition, curated by Veit Loers, comes directly from the Abteiberg Museum of Mönchengladbach, of which Loers is the director, where it was seen from 19 January to 21 April 2003.

Erik Parker, THIS BITCH OF A LIFE, 2003

Erik Parker 
20.MAY 21.JUN. 2003
Born in 1968, the artists lives and works in New York. This is his second show at the gallery in Milan, after the great success of the first, held in May 2001.

Carsten Nicolai, modular re-strukt

Carsten Nicolai 
09.APR 17.MAY. 2003
Born in 1965 in Karl-Marx Stadt (previously Chemnitz, RDT), initially an apprentice gardener, then a landscape architect, Carsten Nicolai began his activity as an artist in 1986 Leipzig.
He has already shown his work at the Milan gallery of Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi in 2001, and participated that same year at the Venice Biennial with a solo room.

Bart Domburg

Bart Domburg 
11.FEB 29.MAR. 2003
The paintings of Bart Domburg feature images of specific places with their own historical, religious or personal significance. It is not possible to observe them as if they were simply landscapes or views. Looking at them, we have the clear sensation that something has happened, at a certain time, and that we are not simply observing a place, but what has happened precisely in that place.

Marcella S. Nelson

Marcella S. Nelson 
19.NOV 21.DEC. 2002
Marcella S. Nelson was born in 1955 in New York, where she lived until 1996, when she moved to Brussels.
Inspired by the exhibition “Autissier et le portrait miniature romantique en Belgique”, she decided to work on the smallest possible scale.
The format of her work is that of a standard ID photo.

Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass 
25.SEP 10.NOV 2002
The show features twenty large objects in silver produced in limited edition, designed by Sottsass specifically for this event.
The works of Ettore Sottsass are created through the assemblage of simple geometric figures (cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc.) and an elementary use of perspective.

Miquel Barcelo

Miquel Barcelo 
12.MAR 30.APR 2002
The exhibition features nine canvases of different sizes and five large works on paper made by the artist in Mali in 1999-2000. Sand, animal bones, elements of the African land become part of the work in this continuing process of aesthetic and formal innovation.

Michael Joo

Michael Joo 
15.JAN 28.FEB 2002
Born to Korean parents in 1966 in Ithaca (New York), B.F.A. at Washington University and M.F.A. at Yale School of Art, Michael Joo lives and works in New York. He represented Korea at the last edition of the Venice Art Biennial in 2001.



Jeff Elrod

Jeff Elrod 
15.NOV 21.DEC 2001
Born in Irving, Texas in 1966, B.F.A from North Texas University, Jeff Elrod has spent periods of study as an artist-in-residence at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kusten of Amsterdam and the Chinati Foundation of Marfa, Texas. In 1998 he received the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award.



tristano di robilant

Tristano di Robilant 
16.OTT 10.NOV 2001
The sculpture, and particularly the bronze, is the main expression of the work of the artist. Quite often his works come from pongo's model, quickly manipulated, where he is trying to create an effect that obtains the speed of the still action in time.



Erik Parker

Erik Parker 
8.MAY 29.JUN 2001
Erik Parker is a self-appointed archivist of New York Art, with an interest extending to music and performance. His paintings, which resemble drawings, are mostly made up of words: elaborate litanies of name, of people, of places and movements both familiar and famous, that evoke an era or a scene.



enzo cucchi

Enzo Cucchi 
24.APR 2001
Second day is the title given by Enzo Cucchi of the exhibition taking place at Paolo Curti & Co gallery. After many years of absence within the Milanese artistic scene, Cucchi has created a new collection of works worthy of the fame and of the high and sophisticated vision typical of the great masters. Enzo Cucchi was born at Morro D'Alba in 1949, the artist lives and works between Rome and Ancona. During the 1980's he exhibited in all the major museums around the world.



carsten nicolai

Carsten Nicolai 
18.MAR 2001
A former apprentice gardener and landscape architect, Carsten Nicolai started his artistic career in 1986 in Leipzig. The interaction between video image, sound and painting are the main elements of his work, of which for years under the pseudonym of noto, the artist has been dedicated in the creation of electronic music building up his own proper code of signs, acoustic and visual symbols.
Carsten Nicolai lives and works between Berlin and his hometown Chemnitz.



bart domburg

Bart Domburg 
21.DEC 2000

Domburg's paintings can be describeded as portraits: portraits of specific places with a special historical, religious or personal meaning. For many years Bart Domburg painted portraits of ordinary people who posed for him in his studio.



Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Eija-Liisa Ahtila 
4.NOV 2000

The Finnish videoartist and photographer Eija-Liisa Ahtila was born in Hameenlinna in 1959. According to Eija-Liisa Ahtila, what interest her in films and photos is above all the story. She calls her films “human dramas”. They deal, as do many of her other works, with human relationships, sexuality, the difficulty of communication, individual identity, its formation and disintegration. The stories Ahtila tells through her films and photos are based on research, on real and fictive events, on the experiences and memories of the artist herself, of those she knows, or of complete strangers.



Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese 
30.JUN 2000

Jonathan Meese, born in Tokyo in 1970, studied at the Hamburg Art Academy with professor Franz Erhald Walter. The exhibition at Paolo Curti & Co. Gallery is referred to a movie of 1940 titled “Dr. Cyclops”, directed by Ernest Beumont Shoedsack, who was the director of the famous “King Kong” in 1930. The show include paintings, installations, drawings, photos, sculptures and lightboxes.




28.APR 2000



mike bidlo

Mike Bidlo 
4MAR 2000

In this show, for the first time in Italy, more than one thousand work were exhibited, in which Bidlo refers to one of the biggest masterpieces of the century: "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. In the past five years Mike Bidlo has concentrated his artistic energies on making a large number of drawings, each one different from the other, with Duchamp's "pissoir" as their subject, using a multitude of brushes, pencils and media. In the imperturbable repetition and variation, there is a spiritual, Zen-like quality.



Marta Maria Pérez Bravo

Marta Maria Pérez Bravo 
23.DEC 1999

On November 4th Paolo Curti & Co. Gallery opened its new space with a personal exhibition of the Cuban artist Marta Maria Pérez Bravo with an exhibition of 14 large-scale pieces, as Todo lo tengo, todo me falta (I've got everything. I'm lacking everything), Tiene la llave del destino (I have the key of the destiny), Para la entrega (For the giving)….
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