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Carsten Nicolai


Carsten Nicolai, modular re-strukt

Carsten Nicolai 
09.APR 17.MAY. 2003
Born in 1965 in Karl-Marx Stadt (previously Chemnitz, RDT), initially an apprentice gardener, then a landscape architect, Carsten Nicolai began his activity as an artist in 1986 Leipzig.
He has already shown his work at the Milan gallery of Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi in 2001, and participated that same year at the Venice Biennial with a solo room.



carsten nicolai

Carsten Nicolai 
18.MAR 2001
A former apprentice gardener and landscape architect, Carsten Nicolai started his artistic career in 1986 in Leipzig. The interaction between video image, sound and painting are the main elements of his work, of which for years under the pseudonym of noto, the artist has been dedicated in the creation of electronic music building up his own proper code of signs, acoustic and visual symbols.
Carsten Nicolai lives and works between Berlin and his hometown Chemnitz.


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